The Contact Sports Foundation supports research and its practical application.  We also conduct focused education programs.


The reduction of concussion issues is proven to be aided in amateur contact sports with the use of tools such as the Cleveland Clinic C3 Logix Concussion System. CSF funds and distributes these kits to amateur organizations.

Dehydration is a known issue across the contact sport community. CSF funds and distributes dehydration scales for CAMMO, USFL, other combative sports programs, which includes training and educational material.


Studies suggest that 7 of 10 professional athletes will be broke within six years of retirement. CSF offers training and education to help athletes take control of their financial life. Through the foundation bank partner, an internship program for business, MBA students for one-on-one training with fighters to understand how to manage earnings, invest at low risk, save for their financial future, and basic contract negotiation. 



Dehydration and severe weight cutting are the most immediate issues for commissions today.  The California Commission recently voted to institute some drastic measures to curtail the dangerous practices.  Their 10 point program has already been instituted at events in California and will be rolled out at the Association of Boxing Commissions Convention July 24. 


Recent Research and Publications